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Executive committee

Mr. Mohamed Jassim Hamada,
Manager and Director of the Championship

Mr. Mubarak Mohamed bin Dainah,
Deputy Manager,
Chief of Accommodation and Guests Committee

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Baqi,

Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Ameen,
Chief of Protocol

Mr. Yaqoub Al Lahdan,
Chief of Reception Committee

Mr. Mohamed Mubarak Al Ahmed,
Chief of Ceremonies Committee

Mr. Ahmed Saleh,
Chief of Technical Committee

Mr. Ahmed Yousif,
Chief of Secretary Committee

Mr. Rashid Sherida,
Chief of Press Committee

Mr. Jihad Khalfan,
Chief of Transportation and Escort Committee
Mr. Nasser Al Hashemi,
Chief of Public Relations Committee

Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Mejrin,
Chief of the Financial Committee

Mr. Sami Zubari,
Representative of the General Organisation for Youth and Sports

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