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The sport of Volleyball started in Bahrain in the 1950s and was played mainly in summer, Volleyball tournaments were organised by Gulf Air and the Pakistan Club, and at that time all the players were foreigners.

Bahrain Club assumed responsibility and started organising this competition annually. At that time, Al-Hala Club won all the championships. In 1974, the first committee of the Bahrain Sports Federation was formed to supervise the championship held in summer in which the Pakistan Club won it after beating Al-Hala Club in the finals.

Thereafter another committee was named by the Department of Youth Welfare and National Activities to set up the foundations of the Bahrain Volleyball Federation. This committee played a key role as it drafted the constitution and organised a preliminary tournament for the teams in preparation for joining the federation . In this tournament the Pakistan Club again beat Al-Hala Club at the finals.

The constituting general assembly of the federation held its first session which was attended by 17clubs-to approve the constitution. After deliberations, the constitution was approved and the Board of Management elected on Tuesday, September 26. Consequently, the constitution was forwarded to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to formally announce the establishment of the federation which took place in December 19, 1975.

The federation sponsored the first local general tournament with the participation of 21 clubs. When this number increased to 27, the clubs were divided into two groups. In July 1976, the federation held a championship for Juniors under 21 years of age. Another tournament for girls and juniors under 14 years of age was held in addition to other competitions including Mini-Volley.


1979 - The 2nd Asian Men's Championship

1979 - The Asian volleyball confederation general assemble meeting

1984 - The federation international volleyball board of administration meeting

1985 - Volleyball International Show Championship

1985 - Mikasa International Championship

1987 - 4th Menís Junior world volleyball championship

1991 - The FIVB development center - Bahrain was awarded the trophy being the best center among at 13 others in the world

1991 - The headquarter of the Arab volleyball organization has been shifted in Bahrain

1992 - Won the championship of the 7th Arab national team and the gold medal at the sixth Arab games at Syria

1992 - The FIVB development center - Bahrain has won the hopy for being the best volleyball developing center in the world

1993 - Organised the AVC beach volleyball championship

1993 - Organized the AVC general assembly meeting

1995 - The FIVB approved the FIVB development center - Bahrain being the sole center for all middle eastern countries

1995 - The Bahrain menís junior has won the first place at the 5th menís junior Arab volleyball championship

1995 - The Bahrain menís junior has won the first place at the 5th menís junior Arab volleyball championship

1996 - The championship of the 15th Arab clubs held in Bahrain from 12-19 January, 1996 won by Muharraq

1996 - The fifth Junior Arab championship held in Cairo from 20-28 September, 1996 The final stand was Tunis first Bahrain second and Egypt was third

1997 - The 15th GCC clubs league championship held in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia from 8-13 March, 1997. Bahrain was represented by Muharraq clubs which won the championship

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